Local Legacy

WNC Community Credit Union was established in 1946 as Thoroughbred Credit Union, later changing it’s name to Dayco Credit Union. Our mission was to serve the employees of the Dayco plant in Waynesville, NC. With a plant closure eminent, Dayco Credit Union applied for and received a community charter from the state of North Carolina, thus opening membership to anyone living or working in Haywood or Jackson county. In 1997, the former Dayco Credit Union became WNC Community Credit Union (WNCCCU).


About Us

Shared Mission

WNC Community Credit Union is dedicated to better serving the individuals and families in our Western North Carolina community. Friendly, smiling faces are always working hard to provide you with the right financial services to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

Our members are treated with dignity, respect and personal service because the opportunity to serve the people of Western North Carolina is truly an honor rather than a job. WNC Community Credit Union has consistently been able to respond to the financial needs of our community because we take the time and care to fully understand the financial needs of each member. It’s a mission we all share because we’re members just like you.

               Statement of Condition

Simple Interest Loans    $   44,490,462.75
Loans in Liquidation                 66,000.00
Allow for Loan Loss                (73,706.75)
Cash Vault/Bank            1,098,838.88
Investments          34,896,969.12
Other Insurance (457 f)            3,354,292.00
Other Assets (NCUA)               664,164.89
Prepaid/Deferred Expenses                 91,197.44
Land/Building (net of depreciation)            1,576,171.26
Furn/Fixtures (net of depreciation)                 77,869.81
Accrued Interest Receivable               157,176.31
Total ASSETS    $   86,399,435.71
Shares    $   54,415,381.03
Escrow               270,990.07
Christmas Club                 11,795.00
Sharedraft Accounts            5,715,653.88
Guaranty Fund            2,750,000.00
IRA Shares/Roth IRA          12,340,524.60
Certificates of Deposit                                –
Overnight Loan from Corporate                                –
Accounts Payable                 40,027.55
Escheated Items                         33.16
CUDIS/GAP                    2,887.33
Sharedraft Liability               100,507.07
Sharedraft Suspense                     (706.00)
ACH Liability                 13,138.04
ACH Suspense                  (2,929.73)
Payroll and IRA Withholding                                –
401k Employee Contrib./Pmts                  (4,611.89)
Accrued Dividends                    1,009.73
Other Accrued Expenses                 53,595.15
Debit Card/Bill Pay Clearing                    6,861.40
Undivided Earnings          10,685,279.32
Total LIABILITIES    $   86,399,435.71

Board of Directors

For WNC Community Credit Union

Bobby Capps


David Sutton

Vice President

Bobby Cogdill

Secretary & Treasurer

Manuel Hooper

Steve Plemmons

Martha Woody

Roger Wright